Welcome to Backstage46 the avant-garde platform where we encourage an unorthodox approach to fashion and introduce a genderless range of garments from our community of experimental and up-coming designers and artists. Imagine a fashion platform where the radical yet respectful approach to art meets the innovation of a collective of designers all showing their works with adverse passion and the aim of offering the consumer the opportunity to jump into another character.

Our idea was founded in September 2018 by Romanian stylist Flavius Butnaru and our goal is to create distinctive and comprehensive appearances.

    At Backstage46 our concept is inspired by focusing on the collaborative form of performing art that provides transparency in the way of working. We aim to transmit the experience and emotion of these creations and provide a platform to form a community ridding the credo of the norm and enhancing our focus on synergistic ideas.

     At Backstage46 we want to set the intention to wear what you feel through our handmade designs. We love the idea of a  theatre mask and power it provides to create the illusion of slipping into another character. We understand how this can serve to portray two extremes of human emotion and tapping into the psyche of human emotions. 

    With our focus concentrated on a pursuit for quality handmade unique designs and creating a new facade in how fashion should be consumed with permanent wardrobe keepers and seasonless designs, say goodbye to fast fashion and embrace a bespoke platform for fashion lovers.

    Not only clothing, but art. 

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